Web Applications

  • DNS Toolbox

    Yet another DNS lookup tool. Inspirations from intoDNS, leafdns, and mxtoolbox

  • photobully

    An imgur inspired photo gallery written atop fuelphp, under construction

  • Reservation System

    This room reservation system was designed for a bed and breakfast. It is written on top of FuelPHP and builds out a reservation form, email template system, and vacancy dates.

  • XM Jam On Playlist

    XM Radio does not provide a playlist history for their stations. Querying the Sirius XM XML API and recording the hits solved the issue. Jam On is the only logged station.



  • Dynamic IPs and nsupdate

    PHP script intended to run as a cron job to keep nameserver records up to date.

  • TI Launchpad Dual PWM

    Simple PWM implemented on a MSP430 designed specifically to drive the TB6612FNG Motor Driver

  • Fast and Simple Contact Form

    An ajax based contact form that submits to a contact.php script that returns json responses.

  • Site Monitoring Script

    No frills site monitoring in php. Set up as a cron or hit up by web. Sends an email when a string isn't present on a domain.

  • Additional Snippets

    Additional snippets so short they don't warrent a page/description. Mostly here because I use them not so often enough that I need a good reminder.